Little bit about me and why I’m here

I suppose the reasons for me starting this blog are several. But at the heart of it I really want somewhere to talk about myself which is anonymous and where I can hold myself account without anybody else having to read it. I’m sure other people will read this blog, but that will probably just be people passing through, I can’t believe that this blog will rank in the search engines for what I’m going to really write about and I can’t really care if it does because it’s not why I am writing this blog.

The reason is mostly around personal reasons. I want to have an anonymous place online where I can talk about my thoughts and feelings to myself, reaching conclusions and get some clarity. Maybe to have a rant and maybe to let off some steam without it all being attributed to me as a person, that will not be good, especially if I slag off my work or somebody know and they recognise me from it.

So as you can only tell I’m quite a private person and this is probably why I am going to blog anonymously rather than saying more about who I am. In terms of my private life I am going to keep it quite private and I’m going to make sure that I try not to give away to many of the details that could reveal my true identity, although like I say with only a handful of people actually reading this I’m not sure that anybody I would ever know would read it.

Anyway that’s the main reason I’m starting to blog and I suppose to get things going, I have to give some ideas about it, although it’s really going to be a bit of a strange situation because I’m not sure what to write about, especially as we just had a death in the family and I think that’s going to monopolise my thoughts and feelings for a few weeks.

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