Time to order the stone tribute now my father is dead

That this is a blog post I didn’t expect to have to write any time soon but the title should say all. I’m a very pragmatic person and people say that I am a bit of a cold person and I suppose the title of this blog post will come across that, but that’s the truth and I suppose that I have to just acknowledge it in writing to myself.

My father died the other day and we have to get the funeral arranged. I have been searching online for people in my area who can supply headstones, and stone tributes lisovetsky style headstones are the sort I’ve been looking for. I don’t know why I am so caught up on what sort of gravestones we have, but I suppose it’s because I’ve got in my head that that is what will remain of my father for my children and grandchildren to see, so I want to get it right.

I’m looking for a tasteful headstone that conveys how I feel, with a proper tribute on it, not just name and birth and death dates, I want a proper stone tribute, so that’s why I’m prepared to take a bit of time over and get some extra money invested in it.

All the rest of the funeral arrangements are going very well, the funeral director is arranging it all for me pretty much and I suppose that I am quite pragmatic and practical and I have been expecting something to happen one day, but not quite so soon, it was a heart attack and quite sudden, although he was obviously getting older.

Anyway, not that it matters because no real should be really reading this blog, it’s of no interest to anyone other than me, but I don’t want to bore myself for anybody else reading it by going on about my dad’s death or his gravestone too much. The headstone should be ordered in the next few days, the funeral arrangements are in place so I’m hoping that things can move along quite quickly.

Then hopefully I can move on as well, because obviously it’s a big shock to me and I want to get on with my life rather than having this hanging my head and then knocking out on properly and ending up in a bad place for months come.

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