A lovely few hours in the park with my wife and the dog

I suppose this isn’t the most exciting a blog post but things are very strange in our household at the moment. My father died a week ago and we are in the middle of doing all the funeral arrangements so things are in limbo a bit and a bit strange and not like we have ever experienced in the whole of our marriage.

Our children are older now so it’s better, but obviously it’s a strange time for everyone, plus everyone else in the family including my brother and sister, and we are all trying to pull together and get on with things to get the funeral sorted, get some closure and move on with our lives.

I had been arranging the funeral, details for the service and other essential things and it’s getting quite tiring. I have decided on a Lisovetsky stone tribute and have ordered it, and that will be the headstone for the grave once it is all finished with, so that’s one thing offr my mind.

Now the headstone is sorted I am looking at the order of service and getting that sorted out. But it all very stressful so it was nice to take some time away from it.

It was a lovely afternoon, quite unseasonable in a way and we decided to walk the dog to the local park with a picnic and a blanket and sit and have lunch. We did that wound through up sitting there for two hours talking and chilling out together. The dog loved it and we just the ball every now again and it ran around and had a lovely time.

It was great to just get out there and have some fun and not have to worry about things as I have been over the past few days. I’m usually quite chilled out but it’s times like this in life that really test-tube and make you realise who you are, what you have and where you think you are in your life. Sometimes they can be real eye opening times you realise things aren’t quite what they seem.

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