Getting very grave about headstones

I hope you’ll forgive the unfortunate joke. But it’s been a long and difficult few days and I suppose I’m letting off steam with an inappropriate joke, but as its at my expense, because my father has died, then I suppose everyone will have to forgive me.

Anyway, it’s been a funny old day I’ve been trying to get a headstone sorted out, and there’s been a bit of a family discussion about what stone tribute we should choose. We are looking at a company called Lisovetsky to produce it for us, they produce beautiful carved headstones and we really think they will do a good job, but is choosing which style, design and what words to have on it.

That’s where the differences come in and there’s been a bit of a frantic email exchange with the day. I’m trying to get things sorted out because I’m the person who lives the nearest to our father, so it’s up to me to organise it, and then the family coming down, although they are supporting the process, and they are paying financially, it’s also down to me in many ways and I suppose I’m getting a bit fed up with it and I suppose having a good joke about is good because it’s getting quite stressful.

Anyway, once the headstone is sorted for the grave then I will start to deal with the order of service, my sister is helping with that, we have been speaking on the phone about it all earlier on, and I suppose that it’s all starting to sink into all of us that very soon going to have a horrible family they were we have to lay our father address.

But in other news, I think I’m going to have to change my job after this. I been thinking about it for a while and I suppose that the shock of my father dying has made me think about life going forward. On top of that we will be selling his house and I will get quite decent lump sum which would allow me to give up work a six months anyway, so I might as well use that to get another job and move on with my career for what will be last part of my life as well.

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