The funeral arrangements are finally in place

It’s been a difficult few days trying to talk to the family, especially my brothers and sisters to get the arrangements for the funeral sorted out and finished. But thankfully they now are. We have put together an order of service with readings and music which I think will reflect my father and his time on this earth.

We’ve also managed to get the headstone ordered. We are going for a proper stone tribute by lisovetsky, and I think everybody is really happy with the style and messages we have gone for on the gravestone.

So that’s really good and it’s good that the horrible cold arrangements including things like headstones are now in place for the funeral and the burial and that we can all start to get ready for the day. I am not sure how me people will actually turn up, so I am catering for around 40 at the wake, but I’m sure if more people turn up it won’t be a problem.

So it looks like all the arrangements for the funeral in place, and the headstone will then go on the grave afterwards and I think we will probably will go back and see it after that to make sure that the stone tribute really does reflect what we were looking for.

Then I can hopefully move on, the services in a few days time and then after that hopefully I can get on with my life because obviously this is taken up a huge chunk of my time and my emotional strength and I just want to get on with my life again. I think death makes you think a bit about your own life and how you will probably never doing quite enough, so it’s an opportunity perhaps for me to refresh my thoughts and move on with my life a bit better. I think perhaps a change of job or something new is what I will need, and that is definitely what I will be looking to do in the months after the funeral.

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