The funeral was great and now it’s time to move on

The funeral is finally over, everything’s gone home and I’m sitting here this evening getting my head straight ready for a new start tomorrow.

The service was lovely, and we had a lovely time afterwards, 52 people came and most stayed on for a couple of hours afterwards, reminiscing, catching up and generally making the most of a bad situation, which is lovely and was lovely to see the family members as well.

We have one more thing to deal with, the headstones for my father’s grave are going in and we have chosen a proper stone tribute.

We decided that rather than the normal gravestone we will go for something a bit more fancy and meaningful, without hopefully it being ridiculously over the top. So we have gone for a stone tribute we hope is going to be tasteful but convey our cost of the motions towards our father.

So once the placing of the headstone is out of the way then it’s time for me to move on a bit I think. It’s made me think about my life and where I’m going over the next phase of it. Now that my father is dead, my mother passed away a few years ago, more money is going to come my way, which will allow me to perhaps take a bit of time to take a look myself and what I want over the next two years.

In a way it’s a positive thing which has come out of a negative experience and I’m hoping that I can channel it into making things better for myself. I’m going to try and keep reminding myself by going to see my father is grave, just like I did my mother, every month for a while to keep the memory fresh while not getting ridiculous about it.

But anyway, it really is time for me to start looking what I’m going to do next with my life. I have a lot decision to make and some of them may be difficult, but I know that with my family around me I will be strong and supportive. And with more money as well, I should be able to make a decision about where I want to go next.

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